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It's depands on you.

N : Kerana Aku Suka Menaip ツ

when you give me the smile, I'll give you happiness.

when you give me some music, I'll give you the song.

when you give me a seed, I'll give you the garden.

when you ask me for the door, I'll give you the key.


when you give me the rain, I'll give you the thunder.

when you give me the pain, I'll give you the the blood.

when you give me the tears, I'll make you regret it.

and when you chose the darkness over the light,

I'll give you the hell.

and be happy there. make it happy ending while you can.

by : N

When The Roses Blooms...

Anna : Kerana Aku Suka Menaip ツ

When the roses are blooms,

and your heart flutters...

give me that smiles of yours.

If there are song that you have to sing, 

sing it now.


When your sun goes down,

it'll too late to sing it.

Sing your song, right at this moment.

... at this moment.

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