Walkie Talkie ! :)

I'm Fine ..

Dear Diary ...

It's like this .. I will forget .
From today on , you are just like have not meet .
even we are meet in the future , and it may not even be a brief encounter ..

I'm fine ..
Im happy in this busy world .
Here I have encountered love .
Love is always like this .. Become weaker and weaker ..
It will be forgotten by people ..

Talking about love , there will be other coming ..
It will surely like this ...

Even if it hurt now , as time passes it would be healed ..

I will forget


If You Want Dream ..

Dear Diary ...

If you want dream , just close your eyes ..
how other people see you is not important .
only when you close your eyes ,
you can stop caring about  how other people see u and truly face your self ..

The dream is belong to all those who dream ..
we must use the little talent we have to realize what big dream we have ..

I can face it confidently ..
One day , I climb over the wall , as high as the sky ..
I Will able to fly ....

God doesn't give us everything ..


Unrequited Love ...

Dear Diary ...

How timid and delicate unrequited love is ? ...
even though unrequited love finds its own way in ...
It's a love thats get trapped inside , unable to find the exit .

Even through I'm the one who started it ..
without knowing a thing , if he leaves my sight one day ,
it's a love that ends vain without it ever having a purpose .

Never ever even having had the chance
 to bud or bloom any flowers ..

A love that can never bear fruit ..  like a seed left forgetten ..
that is .. unrequited love ...


That woman ...

Dear Diary ...

That woman mouth is like a broken faucet in a mountain village ..
Not a single drop comes out when its needed ..
Buts it's a like  a faulty faucet , that only works in the silence of  a night .

All the words are she  wasn't able to say at that moment ...
comes pouring after that moment passes .

next time , I'll make sure to respond like this ..
this is how I'm going to retort to the comments..
this , she always vows to her self .

That woman , always speaks the most impressive lines
when she's alone in her room ..