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Anna : Kerana Aku Suka Menaip ツ

Final Exam is On The Corner...

Assalamualaikum wahai blogku yang tercintaa.. Okay, Final exam semakin menghampiri. Harap semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. In Sha Allah. Fighting Anna !

Berlalulah semester satu ini dengan cepat. Semester 'tak tahu apa-apa'.. semester 'yalaah, kami yang salah'.. semester 'manja'.. semester 'honeymoon' ^^ biasalah... fenomena semester satu. Dimana manapun akan berlaku.

wish me luck chingu ya.:)

Anybody can study, depending on how much effort they put in.
In process of learning, there a two important point that have to remembered. One points is the arrogance of knowing the correct answer. The other points is, your prejudice in using your own norm to determine things. The arrogance and prejudice, will cover your eyes and mind with darkness. You should be understanding instead. First of all, please correct your attitude in learning.. 
:: Anda 10 tahun akan datang adalah apa yang anda lakukan hari ini ::
Okay, time to sleep. have a nice dream. Good Night ZZzz.....

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