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Dr. Bilal Philip's Post on Facebook.

Anna : Kerana Aku Suka Menaip ツ

assalamualaikum. hye there !
It just remind me the status that has been updated by Dr. Bilal Philip very long long longggg time ago. sorry I forget the detail. so here :

Don't dwell over mishaps. we all are mistake.
Remember if diamond is dropped into the mud, it's still a gem.
It just need some polishing.

It was make me fall in love the quotes. Then, I scroll down the comment just the read some opinion from others. But then, I had found one comment that make me think about Dr. Bilal Philip's quotes over and over again. the comment is here :

what if you are not diamond ?
what is you are worthless copper coin or something ?
what if you are not good at polishing ?
what is you are constantly falling in the mud ?
what if it never get better ?

and I'm still thinking until now. haha. and I found my self love the comment even more. >.<
sorry for the owner of comment but I forget your name, and here your words. its beautiful :)

what say you ?

Lots of love for the love to receive much more loves to be loved,
@youareloveanna :)

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