Walkie Talkie ! :)

A Nurse Heart..

Anna : Kerana Aku Suka Menaip ツ

Credit To : Juna and Della.

" I guess its true that death approach no matter how young you are. 

I guess its true that someone who communicate to you with sign language even with his ETT on, that someone who ask for a pen and paper trying to tell you what he wants. That someone who cried when you did tepid sponging on him. That someone who shake your hand, put your hands to his head showing gratitude of your help. That someone that you thought still have hope. That someone you wish you will see him extubated. 

That someone is already back to his creator. "


Berehat dengan tenang. 
Mungkin kau sudah sampai masanya, kami sini masih mengumpul bekalan yang entah cukupnya.

"some people hiding behind the door and cried. they hope to see his good looking face without ETT and ventilator on but then, they saw him extubated in a way that they can never image."



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