Walkie Talkie ! :)

The words perhaps I wanted to hear the most

Anna : Kerana Aku Suka Menaip ツ

I now know.
you must tolerate what I cannot tolerate.

I now know.
you must tolerate what you cannot tolerate.

And exhausted by things that you cannot handle,
you spend some nights with teary eyes.

I put my hand on your forehead.

you lived very earnestly.

Please put your hand on my forehead as well.

The moment one person imprints his fingerprint on another person's forehead and comforts him,

 all the unimportant things are get chipped offs.

And the silence we never got to enjoy  while we were engulfed in overwhelming desire...

will embrace us.

You work hard.

you worked hard to live, to survive, and to reach this far.

I pray with my two hands, that your most beautiful days are yet to come.

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